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Created with Raphaël 2.1.0 13.11.1995 Formal examination (assignment of filing date) 31.08.1997 Publication of the application (A) 31.10.1998 Publication of the decision of grant (F1) 30.04.1999 Completion of the opposition filing period 31.05.2000 Publication of the decision of forfeiture, with the re-establishment right

Patent expired

(11)Number of the document1034
(21)Number of the application95-0380
(22)Filing date of the application1995.11.13
 Date of filing the request for examination (pe raspunderea solicitantului)
(71)Name(s) of applicant(s), code of the countryPUSCOV Veaceslav, MD; FIODOROVA Ludmila, MD;
(72)Name(s) of inventor(s), code of the countryPUSCOV Veaceslav , MD; GOREMACHIN Iurii, MD;
(73)Name(s) of owner(s), code of the countryPUSNEAC Anatol, MD; FIODOROVA Ludmila, MD;
(54)Title of the inventionHousehold incubator
(13)Kind-of-document code
F1, BOPI 10/1998
A, BOPI 08/1997
(51)International Patent Classification A01K 41/00 (2006.01);
(41)Date of publication of the application1997.08.31
(45)Date of publication of patent granting decision:1998.10.31
 Forfeitures of right up to issuance2000.05.31