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Patent expired

(11)Number of the document2192
(21)Number of the application99-0137
(22)Filing date of the application1999.05.06
 Date of filing the request for examination (pe raspunderea solicitantului) 29.12.1999
(71)Name(s) of applicant(s), code of the countryUZINA DE TRACTOARE, "TRACOM" S.A., MD;
(72)Name(s) of inventor(s), code of the countryBEGANSCHII Stanislav, MD; ZABUNOV Iurie, MD; CALUTCHII Alexandru, MD; BONDARENCO Eugeniu, MD;
(73)Name(s) of owner(s), code of the countryUZINA DE TRACTOARE, "TRACOM" S.A., MD;
(54)Title of the inventionTractor hood fixing device
(13)Kind-of-document code
G2, BOPI 04/2004
F2, BOPI 06/2003
A, BOPI 09/2002
(51)International Patent Classification B62D 25/10 (2006.01); B62D 25/12 (2006.01); B62D 27/02 (2006.01); B62D 27/04 (2006.01);
(41)Date of publication of the application2002.09.30
(45)Date of publication of patent granting decision:2003.06.30
(47)Date of issuance of patent2004.04.30
 Substantive examiner(s)NEKLIUDOVA Natalia
 Payment for maintenance up to the date2007.05.06
 Date of patent termination2007.05.06
 Date of publication of the termination of patent, with the right of restoration2007.12.31
 Date of publication of the termination of patent, without the right of restoration2008.07.31