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Here you can download the Moldovan national data collection, including the full text in machine-readable format of all patent/short-term patent applications, issued and granted patents published by the State Agency for Intellectual Property of the Republic of Moldova since it was established.

The collection consists of a backfile containing data published in previous years and monthly publications, which will be placed here no later than 10 days after publication in the official gazette.

A brief description of the data format is available in the comments section of md-patent-document-v1-0.dtd If you need additional information or want to be notified when a new file is available, feel free to contact us using the second email in the DTD.

File nameOfficial gazette №File size  04/2024 4.00 Mb  03/2024 2.24 Mb  02/2024 6.33 Mb  01/2024 31.8 Mb  12/2023 6.7 Mb  11/2023 13.1 Mb  10/2023 8.93 Mb  09/2023 3.39 Mb  08/2023 12.5 Mb  07/2023 6.8 Mb  06/2023 21.8 Mb  05/2023 7.5 Mb  04/2023 12.6 Mb  03/2023 34.0 Mb  02/2023 12.3 Mb  01/2023 13.7 Mb  01/1994 - 12/2022 1.54 Gb

The authority file contains information on the different kinds of publications of patents for inventions, utility models, short-term patents for inventions and EPO's patents for inventions (via validation procedure) published by the State Agency on Intellectual Property of the Republic of Moldova, based on WIPO ST.37 more...

  1. General information about the MD Patent Register:
  2. Contents provided via FRS:
    FRS data Data provided MD - Contents
    Status Yes  Request for EP validation pending

    A request for validation of the EP patent has not been submitted but could still be filed as the time limit has not expired.

     Request for EP validation received

    Validation of the EP patent has been requested at the AGEPI.

     Patent validated

    The translation of the validated European patent specification has been published, but the annual maintenance fees have not been paid. When the fees are paid, the status will change to the Patent in force.

     Patent in force

    A patent was validated and is still valid.

     Patent lapsed - still in grace period

    The patent has lapsed but could still be reinstated as the grace period for late payment has not yet expired.

     Patent revoked

    Patent that has been published by AGEPI as patent revoked by EPO or patent annulled by the National Law Courts.

     Patent lapsed

    The patent has lapsed because the annual renewal fees have not been paid.

     Patent expired

    The patent has expired because the protection period came to an end (20th year).

     Patent not validated

    - The applicant has withdrawn the validation fee

    - The owner has not submitted a request for validation on time.

    Application No. Yes AGEPI displays its own application number.
    Moldavian application number format: e YYYY-NNNN

    e: european patent application

    YYYY: year of assigning the application number

    NNNN: a four digit ordinal number

    Example: e 2016 0001
    Publication No. Yes The publication number is the number assigned by EPO to a patent and used by AGEPI on publications in the official gazette.
    Format number: MD/EP nnnnnnn
    Proprietor Yes All current proprietors are listed.
    Invalidation date No This info will not be provided.
    Not in force since Yes The date on which the rights conferred by the validated European patent are no longer considered to be in force in the Republic of Moldova. The possible statuses are

    Patent lapsed - still in grace period;

    Patent lapsed;

    Patent expired;

    Renewal fees last paid Yes The year of the latest annual fee paid and the date of the payment.
    Register last updated Yes The date corresponds to the last update of the record.
    SPC No This info will not be provided.


    State Agency on Intellectual Property

    of the Republic of Moldova.

    24/1, Andrei Doga Str.,

    Chisinau, MD2024, Republic of Moldova



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