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Created with Raphaël 2.1.0 18.06.1997 Formal examination (assignment of filing date) 30.06.1998 Publication of the decision of grant (F1) 31.12.1998 Completion of the opposition filing period 31.03.1999 Issuance of patent (G2) 18.06.2017 Publication of expiration of the patent

Patent expired

(11)Number of the document991
(21)Number of the application97-0181
(22)Filing date of the application1997.06.18
 Date of filing the request for examination (pe raspunderea solicitantului) 18.06.1997
(71)Name(s) of applicant(s), code of the countryFIRMA STIINTIFICA DE PRODUCTIE "GT-EXPERT" S.R.L., MD;
(72)Name(s) of inventor(s), code of the countryBUROVENCO Victor, MD;
(73)Name(s) of owner(s), code of the countryFIRMA STIINTIFICA DE PRODUCTIE "GT- EXPERT", S.R.L., MD;
(54)Title of the inventionProcess for reiforcement of mansory and concrete layings, damaged by cracks
(13)Kind-of-document code
G2, BOPI 04/1999
F1, BOPI 06/1998
(51)International Patent Classification E04G 23/02 (2006.01);
(45)Date of publication of patent granting decision:1998.06.30
(47)Date of issuance of patent1999.03.31
 Expired patents; Date of expiration2018.01.31
 Payment for maintenance up to the date2017.06.18