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Created with Raphaël 2.1.0 10.06.1993 Formal examination (assignment of filing date) 31.08.1994 Publication of the decision of grant (B1) 28.02.1995 Completion of the opposition filing period 28.02.1995 Issuance of patent (C2) 30.11.2000 Publication of the decision of forfeiture, the term of re-establishment has expired

Patent expired

(11)Number of the document49
(21)Number of the application93-0036
(22)Filing date of the application1993.06.10
 Date of filing the request for examination (de fond) 10.06.1993
(71)Name(s) of applicant(s), code of the countryFIRMA "VINIR" SRL, MD; TRL "INGHER", RU;
(72)Name(s) of inventor(s), code of the countryCUZNETOV Igor, MD; CUZNETOV Vladimir, MD; MEREUTA Ion, MD; VASILICA Ion, MD;
(73)Name(s) of owner(s), code of the countryFirma "VINIR" S.R.L., MD; TRL "INGHER", RU;
(54)Title of the inventionPerusing tube for biological liquids
(13)Kind-of-document code
C2, BOPI 03/1995
B1, BOPI 08/1994
(51)International Patent Classification A61M 1/36 (2006.01);
(45)Date of publication of patent granting decision:1994.08.31
(47)Date of issuance of patent1995.02.28
 Payment for maintenance up to the date1993.06.10
 Date of patent termination1993.06.10
 Date of publication of the termination of patent, with the right of restoration2000.02.29
 Date of publication of the termination of patent, without the right of restoration2000.11.30